The One Easy Rule that Leads to a Near Perfect Diet

One question (or three) that I get all the time is this.

“What’s the one thing that I need to know about nutrition? If you could break down all the nutritional rules down to just one, what would it be? Where do I start?

This is an easy answer. The problem is that there’s a vanity-led movement in the fitness industry that’s left a big shit stain on what we think is healthy.

There are people out there getting lean and shredded eating Poptarts, toaster strudels, and sucking back protein shakes all day. This is fact. There’s no denying it.

They’ve come to the conclusion that calories in versus calories out is the only way get ripped and to get jacked, and they’re right.  

But they’re playing the short game.

There are so many other variables that go into your physical transformation besides just calories alone. And these are the variables that control your health, not the way you look.

So, back to the question. What’s the one, most significant rule of nutrition to follow to help me reach my goal?

Answer: Focus on the quality of food first.

This keeps it simple. Before counting calories, counting macros, buying Tupperware, focus on eating quality foods. And no, I don’t mean exquisite dishes prepared by a chef, I mean healthy whole foods that have one ingredient that you know how to pronounce. This will help you in so many ways.

Let me show you how.

Read the ingredients. If you can count the number on 2 hands, you’re going pretty good. If you can count them on one hand, you’re doing great. And if you can pronounce all of them and know where they come from, you’re killing it.

By focusing on quality healthy whole foods first,

-we automatically eliminate tons of shit we know isn’t healthy, and even more shit we’ve been tricked into thinking is healthy by savvy marketing and ignorant peers.

-our calorie goal often takes care of itself because healthy foods are so dense in nutrients and fiber that they fill us up quicker than foods that provide zero nourishment.

-we’re working with our body rather than against it by feeding it foods that help increase energy, prevent disease, and reduce inflammation.

Counting calories may seem like the easiest approach, but do you really want to waste your precious time comparing the lesser of two evils, determining which type of ice cream you can eat more of based on the calories?

Because if you’re trying to burn calories just to be able to eat more, you will fail. End of story.

Play the long game, guys. Food quality matters.


As a former anorexic to an international fitness presenter, I'm here to help. Relentlessly dreaming and seeking self confidence - I've been there and done it. You have the fire, you have the passion. Now it's time to put it to work. 


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