I’m Cameron, and if you’re here right now, I’m going to make some pretty bold assumptions.

  • You’re unhappy with the way you look and the way shit’s going in your life and you want to make a change
  • You’ve taken one of my classes or certifications and/or have seen me jumping around on stage somewhere and wanted to follow the party
  • You’re looking for a job that doesn’t suck eggs
  • You’re a dreamer who’s sick of being told to “think realistically” and you want to be around more people like you

I was too.


this started from a very dark place.


A place of depression, anger, and avoidance.


As a male with anorexia, I had some issues. All of which stemmed from one thing.


A lack of confidence.


I was sick and fucking tired of wandering around without direction, living a life of mediocrity, and my health was so bad that feeding tubes were right around the corner. It was either I change or I die. And I took a leap of faith and chose the former.


What was P90X anyway? I saw some graphs that looked pretty legit, but what really stood out to me were the stories. Stories of these ordinary guys getting absolutely ripped in 3 months, becoming extraordinary right in their own living rooms (after all, I didn’t know shit about the gym or how to use any of the equipment). It looked good to me.


And so I bought it, did it, and the rest is history.


But what started as “a quest for abs”, turned into an unbelievably powerful experience. An obsession for betterment as a man, in every aspect of my life.


Every day for months, I looked forward to that one hour of all-out, all-or-nothing work. Not only because my body was changing, but because in that work, I found myself. I learned what it took to achieve a goal. To live a daily discipline, whether anyone’s watching or not. To finally become more.


I'm a Beachbody® Master Trainer, a P90X® Live and INSANITY® Live cast member, and a top-performing coach. But labels aside, I’m just a guy with some big goals that likes to work out and help others.


And it all started with a decision. A decision that my past wasn’t going to define my future.


I was.


So I created this community to spread the mindset, the discipline, and the determination that fueled my transformation, and to help you engrain the confidence and the resilience to push forward and create the life you want for yourself. No limits. No holding back.


I’m literally living my dream.


Now it’s time for you to live yours.

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