Creating Simplicity


Most of the time, when we think about our goals, we’re so quick to tell the world that we’re willing to do ANYTHING to make them happen.

This is a great mindset and something I would expect out of our team especially.

But thinking about what we’re willing to give up to reach a goal is another animal.


Because craving easy is a habit. It’s a habit derived from “I WANT” that falls in line with fixating your energy on the latest and greatest tool to make your life go more smoothly.

EASY, much like any habit, comes naturally.

SIMPLE, on the other hand, is surprisingly and ironically difficult. It’s a model derived from ‘I DON’T NEED” and has to be deliberately created in our lives.

Simplicity requires mindfulness and intuition. It requires us to pay attention to our lives and take on every day with a heightened sense of ownership and responsibility, something few of us are willing to do.

We’re so caught up in “easy” and “instant” that we’re paralyzed by which of these miracle products/pills/people will guide us where we want to go – The place with the money, the success, and the 0.0% of work it took to get there.

See, most of us want to believe that effort will trump all, but there’s so much bullshit out there that we secretly believe might be the shortcut. The hack. The secret…

And because of this, we undermine the hidden power of simplicity.

Creating simplicity requires that we know what’s important to us to such a degree that when conflicts arise in our lives, we can blaze through as if on autopilot. It requires a careful examination of priorities, and a deep connection with our purpose.

So, what is your goal over the next 2 to 6 months? What do you want to achieve more than anything in this time period?

Now, write that down in some big-ass bold letters where you’ll see it every single day.

Next, (and here’s where most of us screw up), eliminate anything and everything that isn’t going to bring you closer to that goal. I’m talking about the cheat meals, the xbox, even the bros at the gym, idolizing celebrities and training whatever they’re “feeling” that day, instead of following a plan. You have to focus on the important shit, or you’ll always be spinning your wheels.

Lastly, stick to your plan no matter what. When you’ve established your priorities, a big one should include yourself, so don’t let something petty alter your carefully-crafted schedule. We know that being a man involves honoring your commitments with others, but it FIRST AND FOREMOST means honoring the commitments to yourself.

Creating simplicity isn’t easy, but anything easy isn’t worth having.


As a former anorexic to an international fitness presenter, I'm here to help. Relentlessly dreaming and seeking self confidence - I've been there and done it. You have the fire, you have the passion. Now it's time to put it to work. 

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